Do you like your school days?

So here is my first attempt towards reverse poetry! Reverse poetry- when read from top to bottom, it gives opposite meaning!!!!

Do you like your childhood days?
I think everybody does.
Do you hate your school days?
At least i never undertake this way!
Childhood is the glorious era of our whole existence
You are not right if you say
A child does not enjoy life because of lack of independence
Being free from all worldly embarrasment
Is more important than
Being independent
Working day and night for family's delight
Is rigorous than 
Studying overnight for that exam-fight
After growing up
The happiness
Has turned into
The gloominess
School is a marvellous site
This is wrong to recite 
School is a cage
With prisoners of very small age
Everybody wanna grow up once again
So please don't proclaim
Everybody is gladdened with his present

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