More than kisses, letters mingle the souls

Mili was seven years old when her father passed away. Her mother had to sacrifice her life to give her a chance to breathe for the first time in this so called beautiful world. But it did not prove to be so. Relatives were not so nice, so she was brought up in an orphanage.
An orphanage, just like that shown in movies, not less than a hell. The only thing she liked was the letters of her father given to her every birthday. Seven letters for her seventh birthday to the fourteenth birthday were given to Sarita Aunt by Mili’s father. Mili used to get a respective letter on her birthday. These letters were an inspiration for her to live. Her father told about the meaning of love and essence of love in life. That he can not kiss on her forehead and show his love but will try to do his best by words. That next seven years of her life are certainly going to be much difficult than previous seven years, but she can survive if the soul is at the right place. Apart from semi-baked bread and watery tea, The thing which she did not like was the presence of Chickloo, another orphan, who used to read her letters without her permission. He also read the letter for the 14th birthday, which stated her for the first time that it was going to be the last letter.
Since Sarita was the one who kept all these letters safe for years, she was someone, Mili had to believe. Her very own Sarita aunt asked her if she would like to work for some people in lieu of some money. She accepted the offer at once. She was taken to a big bungalow. She was given fruit juice to drink. From the next moment she drank it to the time she found herself in the semi-nude state in one of the rooms of that bungalow, she did not remember anything. The first thing she saw was the terrible face of the hairy man of almost four times her age. What happened next was horrible. The next morning, she rose up with marks and wounds all over the body, which was kissed innumerable times. She was given a different kind of injections, to make the process of puberty faster. The man on that night was just a trailer. A horror movie was about to start. Many such men used to come and go. Faces changed, but the thing which was not changed was her grief. Every year, she had to undergo an operation of her sex organs to save her womanhood. It happened seven times with her. She had lost every hope in life. Love was now a myth for her. Her life was all about unwanted kisses, sex and pregnancy. She forgot all the things taught by her father’s letters.
On her 21st birthday, ironically when she herself did not remember it was her birthday, she was all set to commit suicide. Yes, the experiment of life was a flop for her and she wanted to try death. Just before that, she was having a look at the little things she had with herself and found a different kind of letter, other than her father’s letters. She read and read that letter again and again. It had come from someone very own. It said, “We don’t live for ourselves, but for the people we love. Your mother died to save you, just because she loved her. I wanted to say many things to you, do many things with you, but could not. But I will always live for you because I love you.” This letter was written by none other than Chickloo on his 14th birthday. It had a great impact on her. She dropped her idea to suicide and find some way to come out of that condition. Somewhere in the corner of heart she also had feelings for Chickloo. But she never showed them. Now she had to live for the sake of love for Chicloo.She couldn’t get parents’ love but would never like to lose Chickloo. Had she read that letter on her 14th birthday, she would have been living a happy life with him. But she chose physical pleasure over feelings and hence the result.
She remembered a line from her father’s letters,
“More than kisses, letters mingle the souls”
Although her father was not there to kiss her on the forehead, but he had a great impact on her life just because of his letters. It was only those letters which formed the basis of Chickloo’s letter for her. But when she became a prostitute, she came to know how horrible can the kisses be. All these things just prove the above line.


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