50% Engineer!!!

Really? Two years have passed? I can’t believe this! It seems like just a few days back I was trying a lot of permutations among different colleges and trades and searching for the best options on Quora. And now, on this point, I am too obsessed with the stuff and laugh at the kind of doubts I used to have those days. Whenever someone asks me “Engineering kaisi lgi?” or anything like that, I always say, ” All the jokes I heard about Engineering before having a real time experience, seem to be true.” From attending 8:20 am lecture after waking up at 8 am to using fake medical certificates to pass in sessionals, everything is true! When I was in School, I used to carry at least half a dozen pens in Final exams. And now, I am like why to waste 5 minutes in going to stationary shop when you know the girl who sits behind you will definitely have an extra one? In school, third revision before last night was mandatory. Now, leaving one chapter for auto is so common. How can I forget the biggest jokes? Our Practicals, Where all the Narendra Modis become Manmohan Singhs!!

Half of my timeline is filled with jokes on Engineers and how people regret after joining Engineering. Everyone feels proud in sharing such posts and tagging people. Okay,  Engineering is overrated by Uncle-Aunties of this generation and  but I will just say we feel far better than people who dreamt of becoming Scientist, Pilot or Government officer and end up asking cyber cafe people ” bhaiya koi form nikle to btana” 


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